ACTS Group Solutions

Cloud Solutions    

The ACTS Data Center provides a wide variety of hosting solutions. They include:

  • Web site design and hosting (both Windows and Linux)
  • Email (SMTP and Exchange)
  • Spam and Anti-Virus Protection
  • Data Hosting (Windows Server 2012 R2)

About the Acts Data Center

The two requirements for the ACTS Group Data Center were that it must be up all the time and users must be supported all the time. The ACTS Data Center is house in one of the most premier data facilities in the world. Other companies using this facility for their data centers are Shell Oil, Exxon, Microsoft, and eBay. Listed below are a few facts about the ACTS Data Center:

  • Housed at the only building in Houston designed and built as a data center
  • The facility has thirteen floors above ground and three below
  • Designed to withstand two hundred mile per hour wind gusts
  • Data equipment is on the fifth floor or above
  • Two week backup fuel supply for generators which supplement UPS power
  • All racks are cooled through under floor ventilation
  • State of the art fire monitoring and suppression systems throughout the facility
  • Connectivity is via twelve providers
  • All providers maintain offices and technical staff in the building
  • Restaurant on the thirteenth floor with a two week supply of food

Hardware/Software Solutions   

Hardware/Software Solutions Division exists to locate the right products to fill the right need at the right time for the right price. A specialist is on hand to help with:

  • Hardware/Software Sales
  • Software Licensing Information
  • Microsoft Financing
  • System Leasing

It is the desire of the ACTS Group to provide a “one stop shop” for clients. What advantages does this give ACTS clients?

  • This combined solution means that an ACTS Group product specialist familiar with not only churches and faith based organizations, but with your system and its needs is teamed with the engineer in the field supporting your system.
  • It means a specialist knows and helps you keep track of your license renewal information.
  • The specialist you work with will know your church’s preferred purchase plan and get the best price or finance and lease rates.
  • It also means reduced time from inquiry to implementation.
  • Coming soon will be a web portal that will initially allow you to track schedules and orders with additional functionality added throughout the year.

Professional Services

ACTS only serves faith based organizations. ACTS personnel are all Microsoft certified and have experience in day to day working with ministries of all sizes. ACTS personnel have been helping churches with their technology needs for almost twenty years. Across ACTS Group’s divisions we offer a wide range of professional services that include:

  • Security Audit
  • Software License Compliance Audits
  • System Architecture Evaluation, Consultation and Design
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan and Implementation
  • Server Hardware and Software Installation
  • Voice over IP
  • Onsite and Online Diagnostics
  • Wireless Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Future Resource Planning
  • Church Management System Solutions
  • Work Flow Design and Implementation
  • IT Policy Design