The ACTS Group is Advanced Church Technology Systems Group Inc.  Many people say, “Well ACTS is about installing and supporting computers and software.”  ACTS does those things, but they are secondary.  ACTS is really about relationships; relationships that grow and enrich ministry.

ACTS Group is made up of an ever-growing group of individuals committed to Christ’s Kingdom.  These individuals are committed also to a relationship with our client churches.  Their commitment is to helping the local body of Christ use information technology to better communicate with its members and to help those members grow in Christ. ACTS is about long term relationship with our church clients, and with their individual staff members

ACTS has worked with churches across the country for many years.  We like to think that we are partnered with our clients in ministry, helping them to build the kingdom for today and tomorrow.

If you are beginning to think that ACTS sounds more like a ministry than a professional IT company, we are fine with that.  Our desire is that Jesus views us that way also.