Most of my copy on this blog tends to be technical in nature, however this time of year is too special to simply post another tech tip. I am a network and systems engineer, and a big part of my Job is to connect things to each otherI connect cables, connect networks, connect systems and services. Sometimes we forget about what the systems we build were designed to do… connect people.  

The mission of the ACTS Group is empowering ministry through advanced technology, that is, helping ministry connect with people without technology getting in the way. I absolutely love that! 

Christ came to save us, and we get to celebrate that this time of year. He spent his ministry on the earth telling people how much God loves them, and how to spend forever with Him in eternity. When Jesus left this earth, he charged his followers with the same mission – tell others about Him, and how to spend eternity with the Father in heaven. 

We get to play an important role in that process every day, one server, network switch, video camera and live stream at a time. People have access at their fingertips to the gospel in a way that they never had before and has never been possible before! Let us all do our part in connecting with others this season, not only as neighbors, co-workers, and friends, but as brothers and sisters in Christ. Support one another, connect through technology where you can not safely connect in person. Love each other this Christmas season, as He loves us. 

Remember these important things as we celebrate this season: God, Family, and Community. Be safe and stay connected. 

Merry Christmas from all of us at The ACTS Group!