Honesty is a good policy. In fact, it is a basic necessity.

I believe honesty to oneself in their walk of faith is foundational. There comes a time when the decision is made to take that first step in having a deeper faith. For me, it was when I decided to be honest with myself and others as a pillar of my belief. I began to seek truth sources and thus my walk of faith has developed from there.

Honesty is also foundational in aspects of Church ministry – our individual and collective relating to one another, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to share the Gospel with those in our churches and those outside our churches. We not only have to find people with the heart to serve God, we also have to be honest in our assessment of the systems we trust our congregational information to be stored on. Have the questions been asked in your church – Is our member data secure and is it backed up? More basically, does our church have a budget for our IT systems and it is realistic to fulfill the needs of our congregation?

Information Technology touches every aspect of ministry in the Church – from the worship experience during services, to providing the guest wireless network, to daily communications such as email and phones, to outreach of websites and podcasts of sermons, to name just a few. Unfortunately, there are many churches that operate in a reactionary mode to IT needs and emergencies. This results in sometimes brash decisions of how to fix the issue, which is a much more expensive and stressful mode than one of planning and prevention. Have you given an honest assessment of your IT systems and budgeted for those needs?

We must be honest in our needs to best serve our communities through ministry, which goes hand in hand for how we plan, manage and maintain our information systems.  Let the ACTS Group help you be proactive. Have you asked for your free site survey from The ACTS Group today? Get a second opinion.