We have seen a lot of hybrid in the last few years, and that does not appear to be changing anytime soon. We have hybrid cars, hybrid networks, and hybrid church services. We have touched on hybrid services and Bible studies, and today I would like to touch on some updates to hybrid networks. 

Print infrastructure has been a hybrid technology for a long time in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Print servers were on-premise devices, even if leveraging a cloud-first or hybrid authentication mechanism such as Azure AD. 

Microsoft has released some new tools to further the migration from a hybrid network to cloud based services, including the general availability of Universal Print. Universal Print runs entirely on Microsoft Azure. Using universal print-compatible printers, it does not require any on-premises infrastructure. Older printers can be connected using a connector software, as a hybrid approach. 

Universal print is a subscription add-on to an organization’s Microsoft 365 account and is managed via Azure and deployed to clients via Intune. For additional management and monitoring, Papercut software now is compatible with Universal Print, allowing for reporting and restrictions on print jobs.  

ACTS is both a Microsoft and Papercut provider, and can assist in designing a solution, hybrid or not, to meet your organization’s needs.