One important thing in any organization is stewardship of resources. This is particularly important in churches. When discussing this topic, the focus is typically placed on financial resources. Stewardship of financial resources applies to technology, the same as any other asset, however there is another type of stewardship that applies to technology, use of that resource. What benefit does a tool that the church has invested time and money into bring if no one knows how (or isn’t able) to use it? 

Regarding stewardship of resources, the adage “knowledge is power” can apply, in more ways than one. Staff need to know what they have, and how to use it. 

For example, Microsoft 365 has many components included in the subscription. It is common however, for users to not know what tools there are outside of the basics. Sometimes, additional third party products are purchased to provide services that are already available.  

The same holds true for licensing these products. Many churches don’t know that Microsoft will donate or significantly discount the Microsoft 365 suite for non-profits. In a recent change, Microsoft has added donation licenses that include the use of the Office apps on desktop and mobile, as well as the online only versions. 

Just like financial stewardship, training is a vital component in technology use, and provides for efficient use of the investment the church has made. 

Training is an often-overlooked part of any technology plan or project. Whether it be a new church management system, new email system, Microsoft Teams roll-out, or a new printer, user training will smooth the adoption process, and provide confidence to the users that they can do their work effectively. 

ACTS, as a Microsoft partner, is poised to assist churches make wise decisions about technology and leverage all the resources that are available. ACTS also can provide training and support to help staff use the tools the church has invested in to further their ministry and mission of reaching people for Christ.