As many churches have adopted remote work by necessity, some are evaluating the usefulness of the tool they selected in the heat of the moment. Perhaps an organization selected Zoom, but find it lacks file management and group collaboration outside of a scheduled meeting. Perhaps you have been using OneDrive to share files, but find it lacks real time voice and video. For many there is no one size fits all tool, but there are some tools that may meet more needs in the long term. 

One such tool is Microsoft Teams. Teams is a collaboration and communication tool that provides traditional collaboration functionality, such as text chat and video conferencing, as well as some more advanced functions for dispersed groups working together.  

Many of you may be familiar with the voice and video chat functions in Teams, like those provided by Zoom, but did you know that Teams could also replace your phone system? Teams couples with Microsoft Phone System to provide a highly customizable phone system that requires no investment in physical hardware. If handsets are needed, they can be integrated as well. The Teams app on a computer or mobile device provides an excellent option to take calls from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Teams can also be the group hub for file sharing. Files from OneDrive can be accessed through Teams to create an organized way to keep up with shared work. Anything from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to graphics can be kept in Teams. These files become quickly accessible from any device and can be managed with organizational security features.  

In addition to the operational tools provided in Teams to help keep your staff connected and serving the mission of the church, Teams can also help your staff communicate with your church congregation. Video is a powerful way to bring people together. Online small groups, Bible study, and Sunday services can all be held using a collaboration platform like Teams. 

Did you know that Microsoft Teams is included in the Microsoft 365 product licensing?  

The ACTS Group is ready to help your church make an educated decision and provide good stewardship of the resources you have been trusted with. The ACTS Group has experienced engineers that can ensure setup and migration is done correctly, and your staff is trained to make the most of the resources they have. 

Are you using the right collaboration tools to keep your staff and congregation in touch?