Today’s post is a tech tool highlight on Open Broadcast Software Studio (OBS). OBS is a great tool for streaming, but also has some unique uses for recording, switching video sources, compositing, and webcam emulation. Plus, OBS is open source and free! 

I have touched on using OBS for streaming in the past and will touch on some of the other aspects of the tool in today’s post.  

OBS makes a great screen recorder for demos, tutorials, or even guided Bible studies. In OBS simply add “Display Capture” to your scene then select “start recording”. Whatever is showing on the screen will be recorded. More advanced compositing can be accomplished by adding additional sources, such as a web cam to provide picture in picture. 

Multiple sources can be added to OBS, and much like a professional video switcher, those sources can be rotated to give multiple camera angles. These sources can be traditional computer peripherals like webcams, or more sophisticated capture cards. OBS is even capable of using NDI as a source, opening the realm of possibilities in more professional oriented devices, as well as more creative solutions like using an iPad as a wireless camera. Sources can even be seen in a more traditional studio Multiview configuration. 

OBS is even capable of doing chromakey (green screen). Much like the weatherman, video with a solid background can be keyed over another source, for example a screen capture or slide deck. 

All these features can be leveraged not only for producing recordings or streams, but for conferencing applications as well. OBS can emulate a webcam, so any video output by OBS can be taken into any conferencing or video application, like Teams or Zoom. 

Do you have a unique problem that could be solved by a creative use of video? Reach out to the ACTS Group for a custom solution.