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Flipping the Switch

By |2020-07-03T08:59:29-05:00July 3rd, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Given the global pandemic times we’ve been living in, I’ve been writing posts about how our work has changed. I’ve written about video conferencing options, streaming church services, and my last post asked questions about how your church is planning to open up, if at all. Given our current times, many of you may be like me and have [...]

Using Microsoft Teams for a Group Bible Study

By |2020-06-25T12:33:19-05:00June 25th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

 The ACTS Group recently ran a survey to determine how churches are handling this unprecedented time. One of the interesting points was the growth of online Bible study or small groups. Of those churches that participated in our survey, only 12.9% were doing any form of online Bible study prior to February 2020. Of that same group, [...]

PatchWork #5

By |2020-06-11T17:36:15-05:00June 11th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Hello and welcome, admins and users alike, to the fifth edition of PatchWork! We have quite a bit to cover today, with a record 129 fixes for various issues. So without further ado, let’s dive in! Remote Code Executions One of the most pronounced vulnerabilities in most Microsoft products, and in most software across the board, [...]


By |2020-06-05T23:31:20-05:00June 5th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Sorry, this is not referring to a song from a French Punk Band, but the lead-in to a 70’s TV show.  The premise was an astronaut severely injured in a crash was, with the aid of advanced technology, rehabilitated into an augmented human with extra human strength and speed.   The church of June 2020 is experiencing that.  The pandemic we have been experiencing was [...]

As We Open Up

By |2020-05-28T12:46:51-05:00May 28th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

As many of the 50 states begin to enter into phase two of opening up, what will gatherings of your church look like? This is no doubt a question that’s been on all of our minds for quite some time. All of us have desperately missed the fellowship we enjoy when we gather together and we’ve been chomping at the bit [...]

PatchWork – The Fourth Edition

By |2020-05-21T11:42:15-05:00May 21st, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Patchwork: Fourth Edition Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fourth edition of Patchwork! We have some stunning new developments in the way of Windows Updates, so without further ado, let’s dive in! The End of an Era, and a New Direction for Microsoft A Windows 10 May 2020 Update is sunsetting its support for the 32-bit [...]

Microsoft Teams for Group Collaboration and Communication 

By |2020-05-14T07:20:09-05:00May 14th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

As many churches have adopted remote work by necessity, some are evaluating the usefulness of the tool they selected in the heat of the moment. Perhaps an organization selected Zoom, but find it lacks file management and group collaboration outside of a scheduled meeting. Perhaps you have been using OneDrive to share files, but find it lacks real time voice [...]

A Prescription for Balance

By |2020-05-07T19:07:40-05:00May 7th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

During my weeks in quarantine I have developed a regimen that I find helps me maintain a perspective that leads to balance and a restful soul, amid what could be quite a chaotic situation. Its basis is in several Scriptures, with the first in the book of Matthew. I would like to share it. Focus only [...]

Your Church & “The Cloud”

By |2020-04-30T13:10:34-05:00April 30th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “The Cloud”, but really what does that term mean to you? How do you react when you hear it? I’ve heard it said that the cloud is just someone else’s computer and to a certain extent that’s an accurate description, albeit a very simplified description. Everyone is in fact participating in [...]